About Me

Health & Fitness YouTuber

Most people will know me as a Health and Fitness YouTuber based in the UK. I have a channel that has millions of views covering lots of different topics around training, diet, health and reviews. But my most popular content is the more entertainment focused, such as looking at how celebrities get in shape for specific movie roles, or taking on challenges such as “eating and training like The Rock”.

Digital Agency Owner

In 2009, I founded a web design and digital marketing agency called Falkon Digital. The company has evolved over time, and we now focus on custom/high end website development (mainly ecommerce), and our digital marketing is now centered around video marketing and paid advertising. We’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing companies and brands as their digital partners.

Speaker & Trainer

Over the years I’ve had some amazing opportunities to speak at some amazing events such as VidSummit Worldwide, and BrightonSEO. I’ve also hosted webinars and created educational content for brands such Semrush and CIMSPA, and provided in-house training YouTube training workshops for big brands, to teach their marketing teams how to better utilise video in their strategies.


As you would expect from someone so involved with video marketing, I’ve gained years of experience in filming and editing professional videos. This has taken me on a journey both professionally and personally in the opportunities it’s created. I’ve met some amazing people, and gained new friends along the way. The only negative is the huge amount of money I invest in equipment and lenses!

Podcast Host

In 2018/2019, I set up a new personal development podcast called The Strive Mindset. It was about using the Kaizen approach to try and improve all areas of your life, from health and fitness, to business and relationships. The aim was to try and improve each of these areas in your life by just 1% every day, so that over time you would make significant improvements to your quality of life. Like many things, this got a little derailed during the pandemic, but I hope to start creating some new episodes again soon!