How I Shave my Head

July 27, 2020

After posting my embracing hair loss video, I had a lot of people messaging me, wanting to know more information about how I shave my head.

The main process is:

  1. Wash my head with warm/hot water. I’ve seen lots of people apply a hot towel to their head too, but for me washing is enough.
  2. Rub in a small amount of oil into my scalp. This can be any oil, I’ve been using an old beard oil.
  3. Lather a generous amount of shaving cream onto my head. I use a Taylors of London Shaving Cream bowl, and apply using a shaving brush.
  4. Using a Double Edge safety razor, I go over my whole head with the grain* of my hair, or just slightly against it.
  5. I re-apply some more shaving cream, and then go over the sides and top of my head going against the grain with the DE safety razor
  6. Using a cartridge razor I do the back of my head against the grain. The reason I use a cartridge razor for the back is because it’s easier and I can be a lot quicker. If you try and do it quickly with a DE safety razor it’s easy to cut yourself! I’m practising more and more using the DE razor for the back, but I’m currently still finishing with a cartridge razor.
  7. I feel my scalp for any rough patches/remaining hair and go over it so I have a completely smooth head
  8. I rinse well with warm water, and apply an aftershave balm.

* The grain, as in, the direction my hair grows

Initially the head on my skin was very sensitive. Initially after shaving it would be quite sore, and maybe a little red. However over time it’s no longer sensitive, although this may be in part to improved form. The fewer times you can run the razor over your scalp to remove the hair, the better. So initially I was probably going over the same area a lot of times to get my head completely smooth.

My head shaving products

These are the products I use:

Wilkinson Sword Safety Razor –
Astra Platinum Razor Blades –
Shaving Brush –
Shaving Cream –
After Shave Balm –

The cartridge razor I used in the video is actually from Dollar Shave Club. I’ve been very impressed by the quality of their razors, and the fact they get sent bi-monthly to my door is really convenient. I’ve also been impressed with Harry’s brand of razors, including this one – 

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