Chris Hemsworth is JACKED in Thor Love & Thunder

May 23, 2022

With the release of Thor Love and Thunder just around the corner, Chris Hemsworth looks to have achieved his best physique yet!

In Thor Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth looks to have his best physique yet out of all his MCU appearances.

In Chris’s last outing as Thor in Avengers End Game, he of course wore a bodysuit and played the role affectionately referred to by many fans as “Fat Thor”.

In the latest Love and Thunder trailer, there is a scene where Thor is using some incredibly large chains much like battle ropes, as well as some behind the scenes set photos, that hint at a potential 80s style montage where he gets back into superhero shape.

The assumption is that this happens fairly early on in the film, as he looks to be in tremendous shape from the clips we’ve seen so far, combined with photos from social media and of course the marketing footage around the Centr App.

In the original Thor movie, Chris Hemsworth surprised many with the bulk and size he had added from his more slender frame seen in other movie roles. Over the years, he arguably slimmed down with a leaner physique, but in Love and Thunder he seems to have both the size and low body fat to really have that comic book, superhero look.

In preparation for the movie, Chris is put through an intensive workout plan that includes a lot of variety and conditioning, as well as the more traditional bodybuilder style training. 

Despite being fairly balanced, the training has a lot more emphasis on really developing the arms and shoulders, as this is what is seen most in the movie. If you notice, almost every outfit worn by Thor is missing the sleeves! I don’t blame him, I would only wear sleeveless tops too if my arms looked like that.

There is probably the least amount of time spent developing the legs as these are almost always covered, but despite how they appeared in that infamous social media post, I think Chris has pretty well developed legs – I just think it was bad angle, and I don’t think his legs are completely proportional to his huge upper body. 

Out of all Chris Hemsworth appearances as Thor in the MCU, in which movie do you think he had the best physique?

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