Lifestyle Food Box’d – Videography Project

November 1, 2019

The creation of a new marketing video for a lifestyle food brand.

As part of my role at Falkon Digital, we do a lot of video marketing to help businesses better utilise video, or help them maximise the amount of reach that their videos receive. More recently this has been very consultative, providing insights into how to structure their content to improve audience retention, and strategically planning what type of content to create. As such we’ve not been involved as much with hands on video creation as we would like.

So when we had the opportunity to work with Lifestyle Food Box’d, we were really excited about the prospect of filming and editing the content especially for such a visual topic of food. Lifestyle Food Box’d is a small company that creates incredibly tasty and convenient meals for busy individuals, providing them with healthy and nutritionally balanced meals for a week at a very affordable price. You can see the explainer video we created for them above.

This particular client only had a small filming budget, and filming was spread over a couple of days. But with the right planning and strategy we were able to keep things simple and efficient so we could stay within budget. I’m really pleased with what we were able to create within the time we had, and I think it explains the service really well to anyone new to it.

My wife and I have been a customer of Lifestyle Food Box’d for a while now, and we love the food the create. They taste amazing and take minutes to make which is perfect for us as we have so little time in the evenings. Having now seen behind the scenes how much work goes into the preparation of the meals, it’s made me realise how much value you get from them. The cost may seem high to some, but when you compare the service to a takeaway (something we end of getting a lot of during busy times) it’s much more cost effective and the nutrition is soooo much better.

If you’re interested in trying their service, there is a discount code you can use:

  • Get 20% off your order
  • Use the code LFBYOUTUBE *

* Based on a minimum order of £20, limited to 1 use per customer

They currently deliver to most towns within the Cheshire area, but you can find out more from their website.

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